National Acquisition and Rehabilitation Process Initiative

Who We Are

The N.A.R.P. Initiative is a network that creates successful and trustworthy business relationships between many of the elite industry leaders in local communities nationwide. Our support is more than financial. By providing networking opportunities to our members, the N.A.R.P. Initiative offers incentives for businesses to come together and make a difference in local communities. 

Join N.A.R.P.

Become a part of the most influential rehabilitation initiative in the nation. By lending their names and their energy to the N.A.R.P, our members stand at the forefront of change. Contribution to the N.A.R.P initiative can make a positive impact in the lives of hardworking families. We want you to become a part of a legacy dedicated to empowering and improving the quality of life in local communities.


Set yourself apart from your competition with the N.A.R.P. Initiative Membership Program. As a member of the N.A.R.P. Initiative, you have access to a wide array business tools, educational opportunities, marketing data, discount programs, and other opportunities designed to help you succeed in today's competitive marketplace. Find out more information about N.A.R.P. Initiatives programs.

N.A.R.P. Initiative serves as a catalyst between local governments and private sectors to facilitate best practices and to continue to empower the local communities. We developed strategies to educate counties on techniques for implementing our signature process to rehabilitate distressed properties and better the local communities. N.A.R.P. Initiative members stand at the forefront of change by facilitating an open exchange with private sectors that result in financial and environmental savings.

Our support is more than financial. We actively partner with governments and agencies to assist in developing disciplined, result-based business practices that are just as essential to our signature process. For example, we share our extensive experience with our members, and offer training, project and supply chain management, data monitoring and evaluation and knowledge of economics and marketing.