National Acquisition and Rehabilitation Process Initiative

The N.A.R.P. Initiative is a network that creates successful and trustworthy business relationships between many of the elite industry leaders in local communities nationwide. By providing networking opportunities to our members, the N.A.R.P. Initiative offers incentives for businesses to come together and make a difference in local communities. N.A.R.P. Initiative members stand at the forefront of change by facilitating an open exchange with private sectors that result in financial and environmental savings.

Members connect with one another, granting access to a diversity of resources and N.A.R.P. Initiative signature implementation strategies, to facilitate an open exchange with private sectors that result in financial and environmental savings.

Throughout local communities, the contribution and insight of each member makes a positive impact by providing sustenance to homes in need. Our support is much more than financial; it’s a way for businesses to grow alongside each other while developing methods to stabilize local economies. The N.A.R.P. Initiative empowers the local community by: rehabilitating distressed properties, employing local real estate agencies, hiring local building contractors, and paying local tax and building permit fees.

Our support is more than financial. We actively partner with governments and agencies to assist in developing disciplined, result-based business practices that are just as essential to our signature process. For example, we share our extensive experience with our members, and offer training, project and supply chain management, data monitoring and evaluation and knowledge of economics and marketing.

Your contribution helps accelerate the economy. Together, we can create a stronger workforce.